Here’s what’s happening on Stowe Lane…


The MAC went back.  Some people are MAC people some people are not, clearly I was not.  The Lenovo is on the way.

The Last of Summer found Toti Nonna back on the Cape, more to come when I can process my 40gb of pictures. Repeat after me, the Lenovo is coming.

I am now a Truthteller for  More exciting you can not get.

A new feature of Ordinary Legacy….can’t tell you yet but you’re going to love it and you’re going to want to be part of it.  Just ask Ida….

Future posts:

The Art of Dining Alone

What’s in a Name

Fall and the Big Green Garbage Bag

So there’s a lot happening on Stowe Lane if only I had the means to get it all out to you.  There will be pictures there will be stories there will be everything you’re used to and more….I might have mentioned the Lenovo is coming. Stay tuned…