Best of Summer ~ Anticipated Bounty

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (5)Over and over I find myself wandering through the Bergenfield senior housing community gardens.  They still won’t let me help, not even pick one weed or drag them to the compost.

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (6)

They tolerate my camera and are damn happy that I usually come at a time when the sun is getting too high to continue working so they can scatter practically as soon as I close my car door.

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (2)

They don’t want their picture taken.

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (3)

They allow me to roam around and capture the beauty of their toil and their ingenuity.

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (4)

They allow me to photograph their tools, probably laughing to themselves, but never their hands holding them.

Sr.Garden 7-2015 (1)

I’ll take what I can get…such is my love of this tiny little garden and its gardeners.  To see more of the garden click here.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…Audrey Hepburn

Best of Summer ~ Hot Dogs

Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk6

If you live in northern Bergen County you know I’m going to talk about the cart outside Ehmer’s in Hillsdale.  You know I’m going to talk about the smoky smell of the variety of hot dogs, sausages and wursts wafting down Broadway.  I’m talking about that moment that comes each year when you know like you know you’ve got to start the summer off right and get over there for a dog and a cream soda.  My Father and Cookie were the officiators of that moment for many years.Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk8

Mostly, though, when you think of the Ehmer’s cart you’ve got to talk about all that happening under the watchful eye of Dolores Santucci.  The matriarch of the cart for the last 15 years is out there six days a week no matter the weather.  And if you think it’s only for the summer, think again.

Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk4

Standing at the cart is a shared local experience usually enhanced by music from the American Song Book, mouthwatering anticipation, and people from all over the county waiting patiently and cheerily eavesdropping on Dolores’ conversations.

Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk3

Dispensing wisdom, quips and good humor she truly understands living her life the way she wants her story told.  If you don’t use it you lose it she’s fond of saying when asked what keeps her going.  This is what you do for your kids, if they’re good you help them out, if not you throw them out.  Needless to say no one’s been thrown out…well maybe a customer once or twice.   Make sure you read the signs…

Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk2

Walk across the street to the memorial park and enjoy your feast, do some people watching and just get caught up in the delicious nostalgia.

Ehmer's 2015-07-11 wtrmk1


July 4th ~ Summer Begins

Old City Philly 2014 (3)

Happy Birthday America!  Thought it might be nice to take a look back at a moment, THE moment, in time.  Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, was a perfect place for a photo walk.  Spending a day in Old City Philly is always well spent.


Old City Philly 2014 (30)Old City Philly 2014 (20)Old City Philly 2014 (16)Old City Philly 2014 (41)To see the entire photo walk click here.

We’ve learned that not much happens on the blog during the summer so we’re going light, highlighting the best of summer through photos more than words.

All the while we’re going to stretch and poke and prod our format to see how we can wake it up, tell more stories, perhaps take on a new project.  By the time the new year starts in September, because isn’t that really when the new year starts?, we should have something new yet familiar, exciting yet comforting, entertaining yet informative…because we know like we know like we know that’s what makes a good story.

Enjoy a safe and memory filled summer…because, well you know.