Make A Wish


Every once in a while there is something that stops me in my tracks, a random something.  What the hell is that? It’s a star, a tiny glittery star.  Smack in the middle of my bedroom carpet. Was there someone in my house because God knows I’ve never owned anything with a glittery star on it?

Was it stuck to my shoe? Let’s see, of all the places one could pick up a glittery star, the massage and facial spa is definitely one of them. Or perhaps it was the “organics” isle in the grocery store where every mother buying milk seemed to be ahead of me, conceivably one of those littles may have shed a glittery star.

Is it strange the only thing I can hear in my head is Perry Como singing Catch a Falling Star. Yes I’m that old now but I was only a year old then.  I love the sentimental image of putting it in your pocket… I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  You’re welcome…

It comes down to this, as woo woo as I can sometimes get I’m under no delusions of fairy dust but however it got there I’m going with it.  I’m making a wish (because obviously it was shooting before it landed on my carpet) and putting it in my pocket so to speak.

No I didn’t throw it out, I tossed it into the change jar so as not to piss off the fairies…have a good week.