Sunday at the Market

farmers-mkt-10-30-16018Still working on today’s post which obviously will be coming your way next Sunday because sometimes you just need to go another way.  When the weather is so incredibly delicious you must get out!

So off to the Ramsey Farmer’s Market we went with bag and camera and curiosity.  The people were out with dogs and costumes and fabulous hats. You can take a look at them over on the Ordinary Legacy FB page.


farmers-mkt-10-30-16009farmers-mkt-10-30-16011The squash and apples and brussel sprouts were all over.  The cakes and breads and honey were there too.  The mushroom farmer…wow.


While the day started out beautiful the weather turned dark and rainy just in time to get everything prepped, the zucchini has been spiralized, the apples and spinach washed an refrigerated and the squash went in the oven to roast.


farmers-mkt-10-30-16019The results of a good Sunday at the market?  The house smells like the fall and there is food at the ready for the whole week.  Have a good one…


And It Makes Me Wonder


Doesn’t it make you wonder when you come across something like this carved into a tree?  Around the bend, in a bit from the road, someone many years ago thought it was important to memorialize their…what?  Their being there together, their love, the date?

Doesn’t it make you wonder what ever happened to Angel and Francie?  Are they still together, do they ever come back here, does anyone else (besides nosey me) know about this?

Doesn’t it ever make you wonder what the story is?  Would you consider making one up?  Would you consider ever trying to find them, do you think someone else is trying to find them?

I’ve taken to walking again and while I find walking in nature therapeutic I really found this interesting.  I spent the good portion of an hour thinking about Angel and Francie and where they might be today. Are they happy?  Did they make it? Or did they change the road they were on?

And it makes me wonder…

Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run..

There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

And then that song took over (you’re welcome) and Angel and Francie were gone for a while. But I came back to them because if someone is going to take the time to carve something into a tree it should be worth the wonder.


Spending the Day


There are days, no matter how hard you try to avoid them will remind you that life is short.  Those days are usually wrapped up in anniversaries that are so incredibly painful that you drag yourself from bed kicking and screaming only to return to it two or three times.  It takes a few tries to see through the veil of tears to get your face washed and your teeth brushed, make up is not an option.

There are rituals involved and as comforting as they may be sometimes only the ordinary can ease you through.


Turkey and Swiss on a toasted bagel and a tiny bag of chips.  The smell of toast is nostalgic but comforting in a school-day-breakfast sort of way.

Not running out of gas, animated conversation, good parking karma and an excursion to the hardware store to gather paint chips.


Buying mums and pumpkins and gourds oh my.  The kids at the petting zoo, you at the petting zoo. The beauty of the day and the time of year.  The crisp air and the warm sun. It’s the “change” time of year with nature giving you permission to let go as it is letting go too.


spending-the-day003The wave of kids, dozens and dozens of them piling out of school.  The laughing, the yelling, the kinetics, the colors and the music.  All vaguely familiar from long ago.

A fresh cider doughnut and more conversation.

A glass of red and dinner in the merriment of the local pub.  You’re still reminded but the ordinary life around you becomes a salve. An exhale, the day is over and the ordinary has done its job getting you from beginning to end. That and the love of friends, and family and dogs and life.

Carnivale of the Dogs 2016

carnivale-2016012Toti Nonna was officially crowned Queen of the Carnivale 2016 by Companion Animal Advocates again this year.  The weather decided to hold out, as it has for the last several years, and the festivities were in full force.  She was her most regal self once again, nose to nose with any number of friends both canine and human.  She was interviewed by several publications and had her picture taken by the paparazzi and passers by alike.  She was truly the belle of the ball…

Some of the highlights from Queen Toti’s regal perspective:

carnivale-2016006carnivale-2016005carnivale-2016001carnivale-2016003carnivale-2016011carnivale-2016010carnivale-2016009carnivale-2016008carnivale-2016007carnivale-2016004Sarah Macy “party-sketch-artist of


She was in the mix, mingling and making nice.  But now she’s glad to be home and out of the public and camera view, almost. A good time was had by all.

carnivale-2016002To all of you that donated to this amazing organization we thank you.  Especially our corporate sponsors who have been with us since the very beginning in 2009, you can’t begin to know how grateful we are or the enormous amount of good you are doing. Thank you from all of us.