Dinner on the Cape, Wednesday June 20th

I always rely on the fact that the Cape will be at least ten degrees cooler than New Jersey.  Not today, its in the 90s.  Unheard of in June according to all the bitching I hear at the Buckie’s when I’m getting my latte.  Doesn’t stop me from getting my usual screaming hot latte and blueberry scone to have at the beach.  As my mother would say, you need something hot on a summer day to regulate your body temperature. Ok Ma.

I really enjoyed the beach today because even though it’s hot there is a wonderful wind coming off the water to keep things from getting to bad.  I’m reading, relaxing, thinking, sleeping.  Perfect.

I normally go back to Willow to walk the dogs, give them fresh water, have lunch and just get out of the sun for a while but today I linger.  There aren’t too many people around and it’s calm and I’m really enjoying my book.  Back at Willow the fan is going for the girls so they’ll be OK for an extra hour.  I enjoy the people watching on the beach, it’s mostly young families and locals and the over heard conversations can be quite interesting.  There is one group of women that sit off to the left side of the beach and preside as only the locals can.  One year I put my chair in their spot and boy did I get an earful, not directly mind you, but overheard in the wind was just as effective.  Never did that again.

I’ve been invited to have dinner with Trudi and a few of her friends tonight.  I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be up to it after a 90 degree day on the beach and I’m not always sure that I’ll fit in up here on the Cape so I was tentative at the invitation.  What the hell am I thinking?  If I’m going to break my habit of isolating myself then I should go. 

I picked Trudi and one of her friends up and off we went to The Port in Harwichport for dinner.  What an enjoyable evening with three wonderful, well read, well-informed and funny women.  We shared a bottle of wine and some very interesting conversation over fresh halibut that was delicious.  Trudi, ever the considerate one, asked me to elaborate on Ordinary Legacy.  I’m still working on my elevator pitch but thankfully everyone could relate and share some of their own legacy stories.  Thank you Trudi, for the invitation and for your support of my little passion. A good time and a most comfortable atmosphere with good food, wine and the company of three very interesting women was most appreciated.

More from the Cape


Monday, June 18th

It’s cloudy and cold today on the Cape.  We’ve done our walk to Belmont Beach and the poor little house I love so much is getting more and more dilapidated each time I see it.  I’m letting it go,and its possible I no longer think a house is for me.  I’ve become accustomed to communal living and think I’d be much happier in a condo.  I’m not even sure that I want to retire to the Cape any more.  This wonderful place saved me on so many occasions but I’m learning that coastal living has its disadvantages as well as its rewards.  I wonder if the allure would all but disappear if I had to contend with the mold, the rust, the dampness, and the sudden shifts in temperature.  I brought my camera this trip and it occurred to me that considering all the years I’ve been coming here there really isn’t anything new to photograph.  That said, the girls are loving the back yard and they are so much fun to watch in full frolick mode.  







We walked in yesterday to find beautiful new cushion covers on all the furniture, Oh God no.  Needless to say they are covered with sheets because I’ll be damned if my girls will be the first to make a mess.  I know like I know that dodging bullets while on vacation on the Cape is definitely not for me.  Trudi ventured over for a minute and of course the girls forgot who she was and barked their heads off, but that wasn’t the real problem.  Lina put three claw holes in the newly screened back door.  Welcome to the Cape Jersey Girls…luckily Trudi is a dog person, she can cuddle up with Lina and just take it in stride.  So much for I’ll be damned if my girls…

Tuesday, June 19th

Well it’s a banner day for my Lina.  This is only the second day’s walk to the beach and she did NOT poop on the beach.  My little girl is growing up…which perhaps can’t be said about her mother.  Walking back from Belmont I lost my footing on the uneven pavement and went down like a ton.  It’s like flying only I was going the wrong way.  Scraped knees, elbows and road rashed palms.  Quite the vision as Jeanette would say.  The good news is that I discovered Neosporin with pain relief.  It’s a miracle that the young mothers of today know about and nicely shared with a middle aged woman who found herself ass up on Belmont.  The girls just cocked their heads to one side as if to say, what the hell Mom?  Nothing broken, just stiff and looking like an eight year old again. 

Didn’t stop me from going to the beach where it was much cooler that on Willow Street.  True to form the weather has changed to warm over night.   I started the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  My dear Sandra knows exactly what to put in my path when I get stuck.  I am loving this book and its concept.

Later in the evening I had drinks, catch up and lively conversation with the Cronin’s and retired to Willow Street for a very good night’s sleep.

From the Cape, Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Well Thomas, we’ve arrived. Sorry I wasn’t better company, I’ve had my neighbor Marty on my mind.  The obituary said he died “suddenly” and that to me just smacks of innuendo and, well , possible suicide.  I guess it all comes together when you consider he turned sixty in February and has been out of a job for the last two years.  He was so full of adventure that first year, riding his motorcycle every day, optimistic, friendly.  I guess his demons, as Mary calls them, got the best of him.  I recognized the signs, I’ve seen them so many times before but I know like I know there isn’t anything I could have done.  I’m really feeling for his children.  Grown though they are I’m sad that his death and Father’s Day are so close together, they will suffer doubly year after year.  But they are young adults just starting out and anticipating building their families.  They will keep him alive for their children and they will know him through them.  It reminds me that when Terri and I are gone it’s entirely possible that no one will utter your name again.  The sadness of that makes me tired sometimes.  It’s the reason why I write about you so much, perhaps that will keep your legacy alive.  I was thinking that the residual effects of life are what make up a legacy, I don’t know what the effects will be for Marty but I know that there is so much more to tell about you.  Thanks for watching over us, like I said we’ve arrived.