Welcome to your Thirties

Dear Bobby,

Welcome to your thirties! 

I hope that your thirties prove to be a most interesting time for you.  It’s quite a transition going from the wild, party all night, adolescent, all about me twenties to what can be the most fruitful decade of your life.

The thirties are about cementing who you are in a world that is based in a more mature reality.  It’s about giving up the self centered for the selfless, trading in things for relationships, learning the art of compromise and making your mark in the world.  Beginning to build your legacy.

As you move into your thirties I hope you’ll recognize the importance of family, friends, good work, and relaxing.  I hope that you will find satisfaction in time well spent and you will spend your time well.  I hope that you will always be surrounded by love and that you will endeavor to spread love.  I hope that you will see yourself as others see you and create solid expectations for yourself.  I hope that you will live in service to others and that the reward for that comes back to you many fold. 

If this advice sounds familiar to you, it should.  You have a wonderful example to follow in your father.  He learned long ago and earnestly the value of family, of generosity, of truth and of living life with gusto.  He found a wonderful balance between giving and taking what was being offered in life.  His legacy endures to this day and will continue on through his life and then through his family.

Big shoes to fill, but I would caution you to learn from him and not even try to fill anyone else’s shoes.  You’re unique personality and gifts will serve you well as you mature into the man I know you’ll become.  That said if I can do anything to help you through this wonderful time of life it would be my honor to do so.

With that I wish you a very Happy 30th Birthday and look forward to proudly watching you become a man of substance and integrity.

Always with love, slc