amberAnd so it goes that our most cherished somehow leave us.  My friend is grieving again and that pains me.  She’s lost the little sweetheart named Amber and now there are none.  Shy and reserved Amber brought joy and peace and consideration to their lives and now she’s joined her brother and sister in heaven.  Yes Harumi that’s indeed where they’ve gone to be together with their kindred and yours.  Rest in peace Amber.

With Amber goes the last vestiges of life in New York, for this too my heart breaks.  The next chapter will no doubt include other tiny lives to cherish but they will not be near enough for me to become the favorite Aunt.  I may never know their purr or be the bearer of dinners and love on those nights when you are running late.  Selfish though that seems I know that my love will follow you in the form of fond memories and the promise that you will remain forever in my thoughts.   

When you’re ready; Go in peace my friends.

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